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About Us

The Brittany Experience

The experience of working with Brittany is a pivotal part of what keeps our customers loyal and satisfied. We produce superior products, delivering at your convenience without sacrificing customer service. Our reputation for excellence, reliability and internal quality control has become the benchmark within the industry.

Innovative Development

Established in 1939, Brittany has a wealth of knowledge to draw on and the expert skill-set to match. Our leadership, strengthened by our attention to detail enables us to set the standard within the specialty fabric industry. Continuously placing an emphasis on broadening our knowledge base and refining our product offering, we work to expertly serve our clientele.

Efficient Output

At Brittany we pride ourselves on our ability to produce impressive outputs while maintaining a nimble structure. Our agile, yet thorough methodology, ensures industry compliance and quality results. Through the use of superior materials and the latest, most sophisticated equipment, we are able to optimize productivity with minimal overhead.

Our camouflage patterns

Australian Navy

Columbian Army

Malaysian Navy

Marine Desert

Marine Woodland

Navy Working Uniform II Desert Camo

Navy Working Uniform III Woodland Camo



UCP-D Camo

United Arab Emirates

Universal Camouflage

OCP Scorpion

Navy Working Uniform I

Air Force Digital Tigerstripe

New Zealand

  • Australian Navy

  • Columbian Army

  • Malaysian Navy

  • Marine Desert

  • Navy Working Uniform II Desert Camo

  • Navy Working Uniform III Woodland Camo

  • OCP Scorpion

  • Afghanistan

  • UCP-D Camo

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Universal Camouflage

  • Multicam

  • Navy Working Uniform I

  • Air Force Digital Tigerstripe

  • Marine Woodland

  • New Zealand


Founded in 1939, Brittany has grown from a small fabric printing business located in Fall River, Massachusetts into a leading manufacturer of specialty fabrics and technology solutions.

The Beginning

George Joblon begins his career working as a colorist for a New York textile printing plant while studying nights at the Pratt Institute.



George Joblon becomes one of the most respected colorists in the United States.



George Joblon invests $300 to open Normandy Print Works, a fabric printing business in Fall River, Massachusetts.


Normandy's reputation for ingenuity, quality and reliability drives them to become the largest hand-screen printing company in the country.

Their expansion and relocation prompts their move to New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Development and design of camouflage prints for the World War II effort begin as well as production of other items such as flags, draperies, scarves, ties and women's apparel. The business expands into fabric dyeing and finishing.



Normandy purchases roller printing equipment and develops a special dyeing and printing process for acetate knits.



Normandy changes its name to Brittany Dyeing & Printing Corporation.



Brittany's wash-and-wear finish for silk fabric develops and Brittany becomes one of the first companies in the United States to purchase the Johannes Zimmer automatic flat screen printing machine.



George's son, Kenneth, joins the company as an executive trainee.



Production expands with rotary printing machines to provide volume merchandise to large wholesale distributors.

In collaboration with DuPont, Brittany develops the process for printing Qiana, a synthetic silk.



Kenneth Joblon assumes the position of president and chief executive officer.



Brittany becomes one of the largest printers of cotton and cotton blended fabrics in the U.S.

Recognized worldwide as a leader in textile printing and dyeing.

John Kenyon joins the Brittany team.



Started in military camouflage and expanded into fire resistant fabrics.

Begin research and product development for Insect Repellents, Digital Printing and Knits.



Brittany Dyeing & Printing evolves to become Brittany Global Technologies to communicate the company's global reach, innovation and technological advantage in the textile industry.


Brittany becomes the major supplier of military fabrics, apparel, auxiliary products and load bearing systems for all branches of the U.S. military.